Is it just me or do you get stress from school and please read the details?

Im only in 10th grade but Im so stress from school already and I've only been in school for three or four weeks but Im so stressed that I get really bad migrains and I start to shake and some of the shaking is from my ADHD but I'm also so stressed that my tummy hurts all the time like I'm going to throw up and I cried and I don't cry a lot and I cried in front of my dad and I've only cried twice in front of my dad once was this summer because I cut my pinky toe open with a old metal ceiling tile and I had to get it glued shut so I don't cry. Do you get this stressed or is it just me?


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  • Sophomore year is THE WORST. The stress is pretty typical, just keep your head up and try not to drown in drama. Good luck and trust me, it'll get easier.


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  • me too girl!

    • And I have a learning disability so I started homework at 3:40 pm and didn't finish until 1,2 or 3 am and then wake up at 7am and get ready and go to school but its a little better now I had to drop a class but I still don't go to bed until like midnight


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  • Yes, school has become stressful for me since starting the 9th grade. I'm in the 11th grade this year and after this I only have like 2 classes next year.