Moving out and leaving my dog behind.. emotions?

Im moving out in a fee days and getting my first place. I really dont want to leave my dog behind but she's expensive for me. She hates living with my dad as do i. She can't go without my full attention for 5 min... how do i deal with these emotions?


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  • I would advise you to take her with you, even if she's expensive.

    I recently moved away from my dads and had to leave three dogs behind. Hurt like hell.

    I made sure to hug my dogs and make sure I had pictures before I left, but it still hurts I don't see them anymore.

    Visiting is the only thing I can think of. You won't see her as much, but you'll still see her.


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  • I feel so sad for u :( :( why can't u take her with u

    • Its almost a 200 deposit fee for dogs at the place i just bought.. and ill be too busy working and going to school :(

    • Then u have to visit ur dog coz I got a puppy and I know how that feels :(

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  • Visit her every now and then. She will learn to accept it and it will take some time.