I'm so sick of other people and their so called problems?

I had a very hard time growing up and I still do with a lot shit daily. My mom is dying from cancer, my dad is mentally ill, I support both of them financially because they can't work so I'm stuck living with them at age 26. My long term boyfriend just dumped me few months ago and on top of everything I am phisically disabled. I'm not here to nag about my shit, we all got problems and I get that. But I never rub my problems into someone's face. There are 200 people in the company where I work and they all complain all the goddamn time about stupid stuff. This one co-worker was complaining about her stupid kitchen! How workers couldn't make her kitchen table flat. And she was crying for days about it. SERIOUSLY? She is good looking, her parents are both alive and well, she can walk just fine and she just got married to a wonderful guy - AND SHE CRIES ABOUT THE KITCHEN? I just wanted to punch her in the face. I am a nice person so I don't really show it when I think someone is an idiot, but it's starting to annoy me really hard. She is just one of the examples, I hear stories like this every day. And I can't avoid it because I work with them. I just put a fake smiley or a fake sad face about her kitchen, but I'm exploding inside. I try to understand that some people are just shallow and have no clue about anything (I'm not blaming them, they just don't have enough experience) but how do I deal with this? Should I just be dead honest and tell them what I think or keep faking it?


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  • I'm tired of people with bigger problems than me, because I have little problems like being forever alone and such, but then someone says their parents have cancer and they're missing a testicle, and it makes my problems seem like nothing.

    But my problems aren't nothing. They still stress me out. Maybe they're not as "life changing" or whatever, but they're still problems, so...

    I don't complain to anyone though. I mean, online I do a little, but I rarely ever complain about anything in real life.


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  • You should tell them what you really think.


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  • I think you should be dead honest, just focus and worry about yourself and if they don't seem to like it,,, oh well, you're a grown woman you don't need those people, do you booboo c: