Is light an energy? What is energhy and how?

Can someone explain these to me how can a light be an energy


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  • well, it's defined as energy, yes. Without going too deep into a quantum explanation, I'll just ask: what do you think 'energy' is? For these purposes, probably the easiest way of defining it is "the lack of nothing." The higher a given area is in energy, the less 'nothing' there is to it. An empty vacuum has no energy. Fill it with air and suddenly you have pressure, air resistance, heat, and so on. Fill it with light and while you don't have anything like air resistance and possibly not heat, you also do not have "nothing."

    Of course, there are other types of energy as well, and this explanation doesn't extend to them..


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  • What Rahdle said was accurate, to expand this a little bit though, think of the sun and while the sun does many things one of those things is produce both light and heat, this light and heat can be converted into electricity through the collection of solar energy through solar panels. Or if you like on a more basic level the energy from the sun can be focused through a solar oven and used to cook food or warm a body of water to make steam, which if contained can then be used for other purposes. Just to help give you some examples of how energy is used.

  • Light is a form of energy. Energy is the ability to do work. Energy can never be lost but only converted into other forms of energy

    • yes you sayıng energy ıs somethıng that can ability to do work. But how can light do a work?

    • It can be turned into heat (solar power)

    • I can explain things further if you'd like, ask anything you wanna know. I don't bite (:

  • look into solar power

  • Yes. It's an electromagnetic radiation energy. Assuming what you mean by light is visible light, still energy. The photons (which makes up light) is able to do work. In a microscopic level there are movements among molecules and that generates heat which then is called called radiant energy.

    Take the microwave oven as an example. The microwave radiation emitted is kinda like a light. It is also an electromagnetic radiation, we can't see it because it's in a different spectrum. The microwave radiation excites the molecules of the food, vibrating it thus doing work and generating heat.

    Energy is just something that is something cannot be created nor destroyed and can be converted to different types of energy that can do work.


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