Girls, Arn't I supposed to feel bad after kicking a guy "down there"?

There is this large skate park in my city that me and my 2 friends chill at. We were bored as fuck and decided to kick a few dudes in their nuts just to see what happens (most the guys are dicks anyway). All I felt was humor and laughed a bit with my girlfriends. We did it one more time the next day cause it was as if it never happened the day before. But we did stop after that cause one gangster wannabe cried. And save all the mom lecture cause I dont need to hear it. I just want to know why I feel no remorse when I expected to feel bad for the guy? Is laughing about a kick to the nads for no reason normal, or am I just a bitch? On the plus side we are way respected, it's pretty badass.


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  • It's not really normal solely because I bet it feels really gnarly, however you could just not feel remorse because of your attitude towards males in general? I'm not sure however it's not normal, and yeah I won't lecture you but it's pretty shitty even getting kick in the vag hurts lol. x

    • Yeah, it was a pretty shitty thing to do, but i dont care at all that I did it. And yeah, a hit in the vag does kind of hurt, but you won't see me curled on the ground crying like a little pussy. I mean, dude, come on, suck it up, you know? And yeah, dudes are fucking dicks, they all deserve a kick to the nuts for one reason or another, fuck them all. But I got a good laugh and high respect out of it, fuckin sweet.

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  • Sandplanet?

  • Premeditated aggravated assault, and sexual abuse, is not a joke. Hurting people or animals just for fun and feeling zero remorse for it is not normal, and it's not okay. If you make plans to hurt innocent people and then follow through with them, you need some counseling. A professional could tell you whether you are just acting horrible and mean to vent some frustration, or if you are exhibiting some psychopathic tendencies.