Dont judge a fish on its tree... ?

I've heard it so many times i mean dozens of times and it makes sense it does really , but one problem if you can't judge a fish on its tree climbing ability then you have to judge it based on something else , which translates to this : we are different and we are not all capable of the same things so why judge us all based on the same standards? for example at school or college we are forced to take hard math classes , some people can do it some are just not born to do math why subject all of these kids to the same level of math when they excel at something else and can do much better? i dont think people try developing ones natural talents and skills they try teaching that person new things that dont go with the way he was born, i know people who can't speak a language if their life dependended on it , i know others who can't memorize a few lines or it takes them weeks to do what others do in a couple days , so while the statement above is true i dont think anyone actually knows what it truly means , i just wanna know what you guys think do you think i am talking nonesense?


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  • So what's your point exactly?

    • my point is we are constatly put to tests to test everyones capabilities but what if are better at things the tests focus so little on or dont include , why should i have to learn things that i will fail at no matter what instead of things i will succeed at?

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    • Yeah but it still doesn't change the fact that the majority are fine with both. Our schools simply don't have the resources to cater to individual needs. Besides most subjects are only compulsory until 8th year then your free to choose whichever subjects you want to take.

    • 8th grade? what place is that i have to study everything

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  • I totally agree with you, we have a clasmate who has failed physics, but she has A everything else, she is so smart, but physics just doesn't work for her.

  • Just like Dont judge a meat by its bread... or something?

  • This seems to have been written from a very emotional place, although I do understand what you mean.


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