My mother says I'm a selfish liar because I told her I was sad. What should I do?

So I told my mom that I have been really anxious, guilty and sad all the time for a long time and that I don't want to do anything anymore and she started yelling at me and told me that I'm selfish and lying which made me cry because why on Earth would I lie about that? My father died when I was eight and after that I became really sad (I don't know wether or not I do have depression) and each year gets worse and worse, I'm almost 16 and what I feel is like a piece of me is dying everyday and I have to swallow in tears all the time and I barely gathered the courage to tell my mom this and her reaction makes me want to die even more than I already did want to.
Sorry if the topic is wrong I just don't really know where to put this.


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  • Sadly, some parents have no empathy whatsoever. Be prepared to find solace elsewhere.

    And some parents wonder why their daughters run off with men at too young an age, or why their daughters won't be honest with them, when they will only pounce on their daughters if they are honest.

    Just curious, but why guilty? It is hardly your fault your father died.

    • She is a good mom and I can talk to her about most things but this I learned is not one. Well even though I know it's not my fault I just can't seem to not feel guilty about most things I always feel like I have could been or could be a better daughter and when ever something happens I feel guilt and I can't really controle it.

    • If your mother makes you feel guilty, that's not good. In fairness, if *she* is still very hurt about the loss of her man (your father), I suppose your reminding her of it triggered her own upset, hence the attack on you for being allegedly "selfish".

    • She isn't the one that makes me feel guilty she never says anything like it's my fault or so on, I just do.

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  • Maybe your mom is bitter and hurting inside. It doesn't excuse her response but it's something to think about. I know you miss your dad but try not to let it get you down, and certainly don't let your mother bring you down with her. Things are dark for now but they do get better, you will be okay. Your life is worth living and you are so much luckier than so many people right now fighting for and losing their lives. There's babies that get taken out of this world before they even have the chance to enter it. You will be okay, enjoy the simple fact your breathing and get to enjoy the wind and the flowers, the trees and the sun. The most beautiful and special thing you could ever be in this world is alive. Please don't give that up.

    • She tries to convince me that everything is fine that we are alive and well and we'll get through this, she really does. But sometimes she can say something without thinking and act like everything is fine the next morning but what was said can never be canceled. You are right but sometimes it's hard to really enjoy life. Thank you for your answer.

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    • And I hope you will be happy everyday of your life.

    • :) :) :) :) :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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  • You have some serious issues and you need to see someone professional that can help you out.

    • Seeking help will be hard because I have no money of my own except pocket money and that is hardly enough to pay for therapy and our school counselor has a mouth of gossiping ladies at brunch.

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  • Those problems, including the guilt, sound like clinical depression. Your mother does not sound emotionally available to you. Sounds like she must struggle with something herself. These feelings aren't your fault at all and she's only adding insult to injury by being insensitive to your cry for help. You will need to find a trusted adult you can talk to about these things. I'm sorry you have to go through this. My inbox is open:)

    • I don't really know how I can find one ( a trusted adult that is) But thank you for your answer

  • Sorry to hear that, you need to be strongg girll, don't you have friends to talk with them about that? and tell your mum that if she's not goin to help you in these situations who's goin to? And don't let people talk drag you down, you should believe in yourself more stay+

  • Hey maybe your mom just want you to be strong, my mom does that too and she explained that one day she will die and I have to live by myself so I have to be strong. I'm 16 too and there are a lot of things that I have to deal with when I get older. I don't have a dad too. So you know be strong.

    • Maybe, but it still doesn't make me stronger.