Can plants be creepy?

i don't know if its because they are alive or what but some plants just creep the hell out of me i wouldn't want to touch some of them i know they won't like grab me or anything but I don't know some just look so alien looking its creepy as hell

can plants be creepy?
Things. Ever hear of monkey cups? No? You should! Also known as tropical pitcher plants, these carnivorous little weirdos can grow large enough to lure rats, birds, and lizards to their colorful, mouth-like flowers. When prey slips inside, it can’t get out, and the plant slowly digests it.

do you think it gets that red color from the blood of its victims?

  • yea some plants are creepy AF
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  • dude its just a plant!
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  • I want a Venus Fly Trap because they're awesome.
    But yeah, plants can be quite weird lmao

    • i had one seen it catch a fly was pretty cool the first thing that came to mind was super mario haha

    • I have owned a Venus Fly Trap before. When a fly lands on the trap it snaps shut just like that. It is like they are half human/half plant. When I had one it also caught a spider once to.


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  • Nah, they are fascinating. :)

  • yeaah some are... i mean i dont want it to bite!

  • No they seem cool.


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