African Americans on GaG, were your ancestors slaves or immigrants?

Not all the black people in the US come from slaves. Some of them come from Africans/African immigrants who never had anything to do with slavery. They often have obvious last names showing they're from Africa (N'yongo, Obama)

African Americans on GaG, were your ancestors slaves or immigrants?

  • My ancestors were enslaved
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  • My ancestors were immigrants
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  • I'm not African American
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  • Many Southern fortunes (some Northern too) were gathered through the abuse of slaves.
    The heirs to these fortunes still profit from it.
    The heirs of the slaves still are on the underside of society. (a few exceptions can be found of course.) Racism is still vivid in the South.
    Thus while slavery itself is gone, it's effects linger on in society.
    And any redneck feels he's better than a _____________


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  • I can't choose one or the both because for me it is both. My Grandfather on my mothers side immigrated to the U. S. from Ghana, and married my Grandmother (may she rest in peace), and they had 2 kids together. He moved back to Ghana before I was born, but he use to visit quite a lot when I was younger. I haven't seen him in years though. As for the rest of my family They're here due our ancestors being slaves in the U. S. You should have put a "Both" option in.


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  • Barbary Slave Trade: black people owning white slaves. Pretty much everyone has ancestors that were slaves. There are probably many other examples aside from the Barbary Slave Trade, but we're not supposed to talk about that. Except really lucky lines or royal lines or something. Every race has been enslaved by other races and their own race.

  • Im not black but i want to say this is so wrong. Why can't everyone just move on.

    • There's nothing with talking about the past. Slavery went on for centuries, you can't just move on and forget everything.

    • Of coarse you can. Not a single black person today was a slave. So what they could possibly be mad about makes no sense. The arabics took white slaves yet i dont hear white people bring it up all the time. Not a single white person cares because it was over a hundred years ago, so why can't black people get over it. My mom is mexican yer she isint mad the us took over parts of mexico during the American mexican war. Its in the past, get over it.

    • You are a waste of flesh and blood.

  • A more fascinating question is why people give no rememberance to the black people under the 1400 year old Muslim slave trade that is ignored by western textbooks and not taught in the arab world despite currently continuing, slaves punished even worse and numbering far more than the atlantic slave trade.

    Only through EU pressure did the arab world reduce slavery and instead just took it underground, heck saudi arabia only outlawed it officially in 1970. Today it's still widely in practice with many open speakers that fled from their muslim slave owners. In fact in arabic "slave" is synonomous with black "abed" developed as exactly the same meaning. It's interesting that people feel they can forget this like it's nothing


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