Is it strange for an older guy to pay this much attention to me?

There is this guy at the community center that my sister and I go to. My sister and I have been going to this center since we were little kids. He is like the security guard and he is in his late 30's I would say. My sister and I are now in our 20 and for some reason she thinks that he likes me. I doubt that he likes me because he knows that I am not interested in him im pretty sure and he knows that our age difference would not make me anyway interested in him. But I have been noticing that he has been paying way more attention to me lately like I am the only one in the room. He will always greet me and smile at me and when someone else comes in he will act like they are not even there. He always tries to make talk with me he will come up to me and say something and then he will talk away and leave. He literally goes out of his way to see if I need anything or if I am alright. Once I was walking with my sister and I tripped and fell he actually stopped what he was doing ran over to me (pushing my sister out of the way from helping me) so that he could help me and see if I was alright he even offered to carry me to the bathroom. When I come in he is always trying to help me fix things like if I have a messed up shirt or if my shoe breaks or if my makeup is messed up. When I am talking with my friends he is standing right there listening into my conversations. He always watches me from a distance and when I try to keep an eye on him he disapears and reappears right behind me. It is intersting because he watches me like a boyfriend would watch his girlfriend or how a dad would watch his daughter only the guy and I are not related and we don't really know each other like that. My mom does not like the fact that he is getting so close to me she even confronted him once and asked him if he was a child molester. I seriously do not see anything that is wrong with what he is doing other than him trying to be helpful and nice a little too much. Advice is there something that I am missing that everyone is not.


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  • Perhaps he does... but as long as he is not making you uncomfortable, just ignore it.


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  • It's super strange!