Girls, is this ok? or is it a little girly?

As a guy I for sure want to look perfect in front of girls and these days it's so obvious that a lot of girls are crazy about K-pop guys and I honestly like them too. So, I started to take care of my skin more than ever before. I watch a lot of hair styling videos. I use way more grooming products now. I even watch for my nutrition more. But, sometimes, I feel a girly as hell about this which made me think about asking the girls here in GAG. So, what do you think? isn't it girly?


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  • Personally, I'm not into overly groomed men.. if a guy takes longer to get redy than me, I'm not into that. But that's also because I'm not the type to put a tonne of time and effort into my appearance.

    A lot of girls do like guys who are meticulous about their appearance.

    • Naah, I don't take that much time. I take a little bit longer time than usual only at shower time.


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  • I'm actually a huge 1D fan (more rugged yet gentle, different style) rather than K-pop but I like guys who take care of themselves, nothing wrong with that. As long as he isn't constantly check himself out in the mirror I don't mind at all. I'm more into outdoorsy men though but if it's your thing, all power to you. If anyone gives you a hard time about it, don't worry about them. Do what makes you happy, and especially don't let people insult you for taking care of yourself.