Someone breaks in to your house and?

A crook breaks in your house. The crook is a pro so there's not a security system in the world that he can't break into, he also has a gas bombs that will knock a person or animal out in seconds. It doesn't kill you but just knocks you out for a hour. He knocks you and your family/roomate/s/S. O animals out cold. You wake up the next day and you realize the security system isn't on and when you go to turn it back on, you notice that its broken . You come to the conclusion that you've been robbed so you look around, but it doesn't appear that nothing was taken. You head for the shower because you need to get ready to go to school/work. and then you notice a band-aid on your arm similar to the ones given to people after being shot with a needle. You go to work/school and all of a sudden you feel weird like you're drugged and all of a sudden you feel the urge to get naked, yodel, and ram your head into things. You're humliated because you did this in school/work and people think you're nuts Your job/school calls the cops but you escape and run home. Your phone rings and its a unlisted number.
You answer and the person reveals himself as the guy that broke in and drugged you. He tells you if you want the antidote , meet him at a disclosed location with $30,000 or you can let the drug take its course and be back to normal in 9 months If you decide to meet him you can't bring the cops or be wired, no games or no deal. He has your phone tapped and has a tracking device on it so he will know if you got rid of it, or if you call the police and has a video camera on it with crisp clear audio that can't be shut off unless by him . What do you do?


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  • Call my crazy azz Uncles and some of my cousins who know gang members. I don't doubt they could follow the guy and get my money back/teach him a lesson.

    • Ahhh... tapped phones... I'd use somebody else's phone.

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    • I'd still sick my crazy uncles and protective cousins on him. It pays to be one of the younger females in my family because there are so many protective men. Yet not all of them will resort to violence, some of them have political or lawful power. I'm sure someone I know could find him and teach him a thing or two like Liam Neilson from 'Taken' Lol ;P

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  • So this guy's a pro...
    I'd securely get an Intel agency to counter his wireless tapping; trace his signal and monitor his movements (via his bank accounts, informants, other victims). Then I'd proceed as instructed to deliver him the $30,000 in a briefcase that will track him back to his base of operations.
    At the right time, a highly-trained team of paramilitary operators will raid his location while he's distracted, kill or capture him and any accomplices and retrieve all illegally-obtained goods and cash.


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  • I would take a gun and shoot him, even if there is no deal and i can't find the antidote, no fucks with me and lives let alone gets money out of it

  • Get the antidote then pull out a gun and take my money back.

  • Pray for healing and deliverance.