When your "ex" contact you again?

So from a early February to early may I kinda dated this guy. I say kinda because we would talk about everyday, we hung out of total 3-4 times within that time. So it wasn't really dating, but we were in contact everyday basically

It was great to begin with but i think both of us werent emotional ready to form anything meaningful, he had Just broken up with his girlfriend and I was insecure etc.

It ended after a night if fooling around (no sex) and after that we never spoke again. Untill today when he said "hi! How are you? ".

What does he want? by the way I moved to another city since then.


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  • He probably wants to resume things and take it to the next level.

    • As in sex?

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    • It's never a good idea to go back to an ex. He probably thinks you were just playing hard to get.

    • I see

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  • either 1 of 2 things:

    1) wants to see how good you are in bed and finish the fooling around...


    2) you somehow popped in to his mind and was thinking about you. I imagine it is this one although a lot of men would do number 1 too... depends on how you think he saw you?

    • I dont know and I dont care anymore... but what is he trying to get it of this?

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    • either way you were on his mind enough to message you ;)

    • True.. so true...

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