Which is more suitable for a backpack: Nylon, Polyester or Cordura?

I'm thinking of getting a new backpack for Every-Day Carry (EDC) and transporting my HP Ultrabook.
I'd prefer it to have:

- high water-resistance (it won't take on water from getting drenched / splashed on),
- abrasion and impact resistance,
- generous padding for shoulder straps, back and laptop compartment and finally;
- adequate compartments for a 1L water container, a first aid kit (incl. pills), a change of clothes and three A4 folders

I've found that Nylon, Polyester and Cordura are the most commonplace materials used in the backpack and haversack market, all three with varying Denier levels. I'm not very sure which is better in this situation.
Please give your opinions on which material is more suitable for a backpack meeting these requirements. Anybody with similar / relevant experiences, do share your two cents worth!

  • Nylon
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  • Polyester
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  • Cordura
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  • i think nylon.


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  • What you doing later?

    • What do you mean? Searching for backpacks, of course!

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