Small pointy bump on my tattoo?

Small pointy bump on my tattoo?

Hi all! I got my first tattoo a week ago, almost 7 inches long on my upper thigh. 2 days ago, I noticed a small pointy bump on it near a background detail. (On the side of the double eighth note in the picture above.) I haven't reacted badly to the color or the tattoo in general, any ideas what as to what it could be?

Side note: I am starting to peel and I can't shave this area for obvious reasons, so don't mind the hair


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  • Could be anything really and it's impossible for anyone else to say, especially based on an online photo. I can only barely see what you're talking about. :)

    The standard advice is always "see your doctor." Maybe if someone in your family is a nurse you could ask them as well. Likeliest explanation is probably a small infection.


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