This is odd but why do I hate and like papaya when I'm in different countries?

Growing up, I HATED papayas. I would only eat them if there are chocolate sprinkles all over them. When I moved to any their country, I actually ate papayas willingly. So I thought OK, maybe I've outgrown my hate for this fruit. Now I'm back in my home country again and my grandmother had cut up some papayas for me to eat (same kind as the ones I ate in another country). And I swear to god I HATE it again and really don't want to eat it. It's like that part of little me is back.

What's up with that? You think the kinds of foods I eat in the different countries play a role as to why I hate or don't mind eating papayas in that country?


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  • Ugh tell me about it...
    I think I know the reason why. I hate papaya too since I was a kid, but recently I don't really hate it much. I figured out that apparently the papayas I ate recently are not local papaya. Local papaya from our country tend to have this smell I really hate when I chew and gulp them down (it smells like vomit for me -_- ) but the import one, the Californian Papaya (as the label in the grocery says) doesn't have that strong unpleasant smell. I don't know bout you, but this is my reason why I can like and hate papaya hahahaha


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  • in my opinion, I think it is because different countries may use botanically different types of seeds.

    Each nation's farming industry functions differently.


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  • That's funny. I love eating papaya in Thailand, but hate eating it here.
    I guess you don't like the taste of ripe papayas. The ones you can buy here are usually smaller than an American football and couldn't ripe. The ones in Thailand could grow to their full size (the body of a guitar?) and ripe.

    • They are the same. Both ripe papayas, same size.

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    • Oh... intriguing ^^

  • You have a Torid relationship with papaya