Is it possible to be awkward over the internet?

I love how I'm so great at talking to people on the internet but in reality I'm so awkward... and it got me thinking, is it even possible to be awkward over text? The internet is so freeing, it puts everyone on the same playing field and boils your entire identity down to a username. People can't even really judge you either other than what you say.


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  • I'm like you. I get so much comfortable when I'm talking with people on the internet. I feel like I can say anything. And sometimes I say things that I never tell to people in real life.
    Yes, I think it's possible but less likely than being awkward in reality.


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  • On the internet you can take as much time as you want thinking out and re-typing what you're going to say, eliminating the awkwardness of not knowing how to immediately respond to something. Plus, awkwardness has a lot to do with body language and speech pattern and whatnot, things that cannot be perceived online. I have no idea whether or not the person I'm speaking to online has big creepy eyes and takes huge uncomfortable pauses while speaking.

    • I know, that's one problem I have when I'm talking to people, I almost wish I had a "time out" to think over what I'm going to say, I hate being forced to blurt something out.

      You also don't know if the person you're speaking to is 400 pounds and types with cheeto encrusted fingers. It's so hard to really learn anything about a person just by reading something that they type.

  • Lol, yes. I'm awkward everywhere I go.

    • Even this comment though, text can't be inherently awkward. I just have never found something that makes me cringe with text. It just makes it so easy. Sometimes I wish that in real life people just wore masks and texted each other to communicate.

    • I am way more awkward texting people than talking in person. That's why I don't text often.

  • Hell I can be awkward in any shape or form


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