Ever see the borrowers? lol love that movie. What would u do if u saw a real little person (borrower) in your house? Just for fun lol?

My friend and I were talking about how cool it would be to shrink down to like 4 inches tall for a day and be a borrower. Lol. I would like to scare my sister. So what would u do if u found me sneaking around? And what would u do if u reduced small? :)


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  • I'd probably try to befriend them :)

  • If I was hungry and I found you 4inches in my kitchen, I would make an easy snack and pick you up drop you into my mouth and swallow you alive muwaha 3:) ... if I was tiny I would live in a shoe like in the nursery rhymes lol

  • Which version? I've seen 3 versions and I like them all :)

    If I found you I would ask what you wanted me to do, and do that (within reason :p )

    If I were tiny, I would hope that my phone became tiny with me so I could take some really awesome pictures and win photography competitions but never tell anyone how I took them ;) . Also I would really hope this happened while I was at my flat at Uni and not at home because I live on a farm and one of my dogs or cats might decide to kill me.. Also at this time of year the house gets a lot of massive spiders *shudders*. I don't know, it'd just be interesting to experience the world from that perspective