Why won't my boyfriend call me? Advice?

My ex hacked into my cell phone about a month ago i have no idea how he did it but he started trying to ruin my relationship with my current boyfriend by sending text messages and pictures trying to make it seem like they were coming from me so my boyfriend would break up with me. But my boyfriend knew it was him promised we still would stay together. It got so bad that my boyfriend would not even answer the phone because he did not know if it was me or not. I have not talked to my boyfriend for a week because he would not answer so i just got a new phone and number. But now my boyfriend won't talk to me i told him that i got a new phone and I told him my new number but when i try to talk to my boyfriend he tells me he will talk to me later but never contacts me l. Its been a week since we have had an actual conversation with each other. Advice


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  • Maybe he doesn't believe that it was your ex who said everything. I can't see another reason for him not to answer. I think there isn't much you can do, it's up to him to believe it and accept it.


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  • you should leave him.