Where are you from and where would you like to go as a backpacker?

I think travelling is the most amazing thing in the world haha. I am from Bolivia (live in Australia though) and I would loooove to backpack around South Africa and Kenya. How about you? :D


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  • I'm from England. I spent 3 months living and volunteering in Tanzania, East Africa. And I'd love to go back and travel across the whole continent - beautiful place, in every sense of the world.

    I also want to do the US, South and Central America and Asia, oh and there's a few pockets of Europe I haven't seen yet. Basically, I want to backpack the world! =D

    • I am so jealous!!! hahaha Africa has been my dream place since I was like 7 haha
      I wish travelling was free xD I would visit every tiny little place on this earth!

    • haha! If only!

      Make sure you follow your dream and get to Africa, because the place won't disappoint you, in fact it'll be 100 times better then you could ever dream! I honestly believe I could live and settle there. I just want to be there! Hahaha

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  • I'm from Cape Town, South Africa and would like to go backpacking in Europe :) My country is a bit dangerous to backpack in though. I wouldn't recommend it unless going in a very large group.

    • That is so awesome!!!😱😱😱😱😱
      I wanna see the wildlife in your country 😍

    • @Asker

      Yeah the wildlife is amazing. Probably one of the best aspects of my country!


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  • From london, i would love to go to South america starting with brazil. Bloody love the look of that place

    • cool! would love to visit London!
      south america is awesome :P haha, and Brazil! great place to start! haha I loooove it there, if you go to SA make sure to visit Bolivia ;) ahaha pretty cool place xD

  • Sounds good backpacking in South Africa and Kenya, let's do it

  • America and I would like to backpack around Australia haha

    we can have a coffee when I go lol


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  • I'm living in Australia currently, most probably would love to backpack around America or South America.

    • we are living in the same country wohooooooo haha.
      Probably :P haha the world has so much to offer.. is hard to pick xD

    • Wooo!! Same country but probably different states ahah xD

      Yeahhh Ikr its so hard to choose ><

  • I'm from Egypt and I would like to backpack to anywhere but here actually!

  • I live in Australia, but I'd love to visit Canada. It's my dream.

  • omg what the hell are you doing in australia? lol isn't that a bit far?
    Anyway I am from America and would like to go to Europe, any place tbh, but I am not sure if I would go as a backpacker hahah, probably not my cup of tea...

    • hahaha it is a biiiiiit far haha but hey! you gotta fulfil your dreams! haha and Australia and Africa were dream places for me my entire life, so I decided to come and study in this wonderful country haha
      Europe would be awesome! specially Greece and Island :o looks so beautiful!

    • you are crazy! is at the other side of the world omg
      Island sounds a bit random lol but yes Europe is amazing, I would visit France and probably Italy