SOOOO, i'm a little tipsy. How''re y'all doing?

i'm doing well now XP
just got done studying and am ready to have fun tonight! lol what're y'all up to these days?


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  • My response is a little late, but tonight I'm relaxing. I work the football games at my college. So, I was pretty tired after that. And today is a recovery day before the week starts.


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  • i'm getting there actually, i love this cinnamon flavored tequila. i can kill these bottles with ease. how the fuck you doing? been a long ass time since i talked to you.

    • Yeah bruh! I didn't know you were still on lol.

      Nice! I might start drinking in an hour or two after I'm done with classes for the day.

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    • i'm with you on that. you can get a 750 ml bottle for about 11 bucks. i got 3 on my last payday cause i'm broke as fuck right now. i'm hoping i can stretch them out until my next payday. fuck an overpriced bar man, stay home and get fucked up.

    • Haha exactly, that's why I just get the gallon for 12 bucks and a 2 liter for like 2 and that lasts me like a whole week!


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  • I've been studying and drinking and getting it too!! I've missed you I haven't talked to you in forever!

  • craving posole and waiting for the pizza to arrive


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