How do I help myself go places without being noticed in a group of people or crowd?

I'm 28 years old. However a much older man had seen me in public (at my university) and he works there. But you would think that with at least 29000 students that I could go unnoticed. However this man saw me walking through one of our many building and then saw me on social media and insulted me to try to get my attention to be something with me however I have a boyfriend. And I have only seen him once however I feel like he is watching me whenever I go to class. And I just want to see if there's a way to make myself more hidden


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  • disguising yourself is fairly easy to do. Wear your hair differently, or wear a hoodie as someone below mentioned. Walk differently than how you normally walk. If you wear make up, perhaps change the look

    And yes you might just notify security that you have someone harassing you.

    • After it really became something I dyed my hair to make it brighter and spent yesterday and today using sun in to make the color lighter and instead of wearing natural shadows I've been wearing dark colors and colors in general for my eye shadows.

    • Please be careful

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  • Tell security let his unwelcomed attention be known.

  • Block him on FB.
    And slap him in real life. Preferably 3 or more time while shouting you douchebag.


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  • try to wear clothing that covers you, like a hoodie.