Should I accept his offer? He wants to pay for me to go to his party?

So I got invited to a party by a guy I work with, but since im super broke in told him I couldnt go. Long story short he offered to pay for the bus and drinks for me.

Im not sure if I should accept the offer or not I want to go out, but at the same time it feels weird having a guy im not going out with paying for me.


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  • No big deal Its a party who charges for drinks anyway Its not a bar. And others aren't paying for anything but the house owner himself. And a Bus is so cheap. Besides you can always drink punch or Soda. I would say go but with no strings Attached.


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  • I would do it only if i wanted to date him. Only exception I can think of is if he is in a serious relationship and you are good friends with both of them

    • I dont want to date him, how am I sure he even wants to date me? He could Just be really nice

    • Maybe he is, perhaps money is no object to him because he has lots of it. But for a lot of guys, paying for someone else's good time means losing out on what that money would have gone too.
      When I was younger, paying for a few drinks and someone's cover usually ment I would be eating pasta and rice for a few days to make of the cost, or working overtime at a job I hate.
      It's because of this that I would be cautious that he isn't looking to make something more of your platonic relationship
      But I don't know you guys so grain of salt and all that

  • Only accept it if he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

    • He seems like a nice guy! This isn't the first time he offers actually

  • he wants the P!

    • What guy doesnt? Except gay guys and a sexual guys

    • Asexual*

    • good gurl. you are self aware!

  • So just give him a appreciation blow job after lol jk


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