How to deal with sibling rivalry?

I have an older brother who always trys to compete with me. Im the type of guy where i dont care if someone is better or worse yet he pisses me off how he always tries to. better me. I tell him all the time i dont really give a shit but he does it anyways. Anyone have any tips on how to deal with this d-bag?


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  • Well, I am the oldest among my siblings.
    I have a younger sister who likes to compete and show that she is better. I don't care. I like the fact that she is looking up for me. The fact that she consider me a rival means that she admires me. I don't know why would you be bothered by it; I like to see my sister striving to be better. I would encourage her in fact and make her feel that she is awesome for trying to be a better person, but I would also make sure that she realizes that she is good in her own way. She doesn't need to be like me, and the only person she should compete with is her own self.


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  • Maybe he just competes in everything. Around family, school, job?, etc.
    Some people have that mindset, yeah, kinda irritating, but yeah... genetics and education and luck.


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  • I'm still tryna figure out how to deal with my d-bag sister who acts the same way as your brother, I feel your pain my friend.


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