Can I get advice on my situation here?

I told my boss that I have feelings for him. He told me he is with someone and wants to keep things professional and doesn't want no drama. I apologize and told him I respect that. Ever since incident he stares at me. I act like I don't see him but I feel awkward. I approached him because I feel he likes me to. I am very shy and it took a lot for me to do what I did. He crushed me when he told me what he did. I felt awful. I am going to let it go but I still feel for him. Help!!


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  • Congratulations for going for it but unfortunately it didn't go your way. Office romances are awkward and why they're not recommended

  • Please, let it go before it gets worse. This is getting you nowhere and can only bring you more suffering if you persist. I know it's hard but time will eventually heal you. Time - that mysterious power that can move mountains and turn oceans into deserts - will ensure you get over him.


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