Super hero battle! Who would win?

Between Superman and...

Super Boong!

  • Superman
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  • Super Boong!
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  • Draw
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  • superman!.


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  • Considering superman at the height of his power is actually pretty much immortal and the most powerful person in existence I would say Superman.

    • Super Boong's powers are largely unknown

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    • I don't know if Super Boong can do all that. His powers are largely unknown. He's as real of a superhero to me as superman though cause they're both fictional. Although Super Boong is rumoured to have actually existed.

      I'm not saying Super Boong would win by the way, I think you would have to bet that superman would win because he saves the world whereas Super Boong seems to only be worried about fighting racism. It's just that we can't be sure Super Boong doesn't posses all the power of superman and is just an aboriginal version of him


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