Do guys want to hear about girls problems?

I feel a bit emtionally alone. I moved a month ago and im have managed to make friends and I meet New people all the time and I feel like most people like me.

But the only emotionally outlet I have is my sister that doesn't even live where I live. Sometimes I want to talk to other people face to face, but im kinda scared to show people how insecure I actually am.

My closes friend is a guy, and I have never had a close guy friend, and a part of me thinks " he's a guy, he doesn't want to hear about my problems ".. I dont know if this is the case , maybe i need a close girlfriend..

Any advice? Im not sure what do..


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  • With me personally I would listen to a girl's problems. We all need somebody to talk to. If your guy friend is a true friend then he shouldn't mind listening to you and talking to you about your problems. Each guy is different.


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  • that's hard to say and can depend on their mood at the moment. I agree, usually guys aren't up to this. If you are really close, i think he wouldn't mind and support you. You can try and see how he respond. If not, well, you can try here on GAG? but ofc the opinions would be from people who doesn't really know you and your life but can give opinions w/o bias :)


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  • guys usually dont care, girl frineds are better.