Okay have you guys ever experienced this?

So in middle school this one guy called me ugly in front of the entire classroom while everyone was working on their assignment. People obviously heard and kind of laughed about it. It kind of hurt me considering I was young and felt really ugly at the time. You know how we were before puberty haha. A couple years later (now in my last year of high school) I have him for a class and all he does is just stare at me. He doesn't talk to me but he walks ahead of me and opens doors for me and walks alongside me. His friends stare at me and he tries sitting around me when he gets the chance. Im obviously over the whole middle school incident because it's been a long time and it's dumb to hold on to grudges.
Have you guys ever experienced this and how did you handle it?


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  • I experienced it in elementary school and I don't care about them. Kids do stupid stuff, just let it slide.


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  • that happens to a lot of people.


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