How do I appear more mature or older in front of others?

I'm pretty petit in both height and weight, and on top of that, I have what many call soft voice. So a lot of times, people see me as cute, but I want to be treated more seriously. I dress properly for my age, but I feel like my voice and appearance are keeping me away from being treated the way I want to be treated.


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  • I don't think dressing properly helps


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  • I know a girl who comes to mind when I think of your description. I think if she wanted to look less child like she could have a trendy edgier hairstyle and wear more form fitting sexier clothes and sexier makeup. Like more eyeliner cat eye contouring vs fresh faced natural.

    • Yea I wear makeup to appear older and I do the cat eyeline a lot of times, but it seems like even makeup doesn't help