Girls, do opposites really attract?

I've met a girl that I like a lot becasue of her personality, just the way she carries herself, she's a beautiful person inside and out.

With that aside we have similar interests but not many, could a relationship blossom when you don't share the same interests?

I'm curious to know have a woman's perspective is on this.


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  • Sure, if the chemistry and mutual attraction are there then a relationship could totally work.

    My boyfriend and I are similar in some ways, but complete opposites in others. He plays the guitar; I'm into running and going to the gym. He loves metal; I like alternative, calming music. He's more extroverted; I'm more introverted. As for similarities, we both like to write, LOVE to cuddle/kiss/be lazy, have a similar taste in shows and movies, and can make each other laugh.

    While having a bunch of similar hobbies and interests could help two people relate with each other and bond, I wouldn't say it's necessary. I think the most important things are mutual attraction, and how well the two personalities mesh.


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  • Some do, yes. Some don't. Depends on what is opposite exactly...
    Me and hubby r complete opposite of each other but we got together perfectly...

  • I think they do!