Is it bad I wasn't that upset Paul Walker died?

Don't get me wrong I'm sure he is a great guy, just when the headlines hit and everyone made a HUGE deal I just didn't really feel anything, perhaps this is because I never watched the Fast and Furious films, I could sympathise with Robin William's death because I grew up watching a lot of his films but I just couldn't with Paul because in my mind he was just famous for a few car films, more people I know made a deal out of him than Robin.

Someone enlighten me please.


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  • I agree with you.


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  • I know a bit what you are talking about - I had never heard of Paul Walker before that song got to number 1 - When famous people die we are supposed to pull our hair out with grief - Princess Diana, Michael Jackson I never really acknowledge their existence why should I care now they are dead.

    • I didn't even know there was a song D: I do understand where your coming from, people you do know and respect prior to their death you do morn them, It just doesn't make much sense to me that people cared more for him than Robin, but then again most youth I can imagine would care for one over the other.


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  • Fast and furious was amazing, I know what you mean bro, Even though I'm a big fan of Pual Walker I wasn't really bothard at all, never phased me but that doesn't make you a bad person or cold hearted.

    People need (people like us) pretty dam strong emotional bonds with others to feel saddened by their death

    Goodluck bro

  • And who's he?

  • Its normal since you didn't watch his movies

    • I'm just not into car films, I can't really sympathize with a car

  • I didn't care either. Maybe it was cuz I've never seen one movie he's been in.

  • i think the bigger question is, why the fuck are you asking this almost 2 years after he died?
    i asked myself the same thing, when he died lol

    • Just came to mind after seeing a flood of his stuff come up on my newsfeed haha, I just don't understand why most people seem to give more of a care about him than Robin

    • i didn't care about robin either.
      people care about people they like.
      you said it yourself. you cared for robin because you watched his movies, didn't care for paul because you didn't.
      i guess most people just saw paul's movies lol no mystery there
      and people definitely didn't care more about paul's death. you might think that, because you'Re prob mostly friends with people your age (18-24). of course that THEY will mostly be familiar with paul... thats from their generation. robin is from a much older generation. robin affected all of america (and im from germany lol).
      you just didn't see it because you are not befriended with that many old people on fb. thats why it doesn't show up that much on your feed. but trust me, over all people cared a lot more about robin!