What do you make of the migrant crisis in Europe that is unprecedented and out of control?

here's My take:
the united states, and its government shares the blame for bombing endlessly these countries for years from the premptive invasion of Irak by Bush to Obama's effort to overthrow Gadaffi and Assad, to the endless bombing drone campaigns with large collateral damage, So the United States Government has to take more migrants. YEs Hungary is doing the right thing bu closing its borders. ITs outrageous the rich gulf states don't take any migrants. IF they don't close their borders they will continue to come as they are in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS to exploit the welfare state offered by Germany Sweden. most migrants are military age men, and many don't have Syrian papers which makes me think, if they are economic migrants as posed to refugees, and if there might be some ISIS infiltrators among them. Furthermore to add to the problems, is their religion is intolerant of other religions and seculars. So I think Hungary made the best decision today.


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  • I'm betting the majority of countries were founded on immigrants so let's not be hypocrites. As long as the immigrants aren't there to do harm, I see no issue. I think they should have to gain citizenship before getting free anything though. This is a biased opinion due to my mother.


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  • I dont think any country should be forced to do things their citizens dont want. If germany wants to have a bleeding heart and take them in, awesome. But the us has its own immigrations problems. That being said, the us is more diverse and more tolerant of different things so they might be better off living here.


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  • totally agree!


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