Buy the Nokia 105?

buy the Nokia 105?!
The Nokia 105 is great!

Simple little phone, great to have as perhaps as your second phone or as a phone for an elderly person:)

the Nokia 105 has a maximum 35 days standby time😊

The phone is in two colours; in blue or in black:)

It is a simple little phone you'll love and enjoy!

It has all the features of a Nokia phone, ringtone and snake😅😂

The phone itself has 12 hours of talk time, it has a tough splash proof keyboard which is very strong, a flashlight and an alarm.

So would you buy the Nokia 105 for yourself? Maybe for someone else?

  • Nokia 105 is nice I could buy it for myself
    0% (0)40% (2)22% (2)Vote
  • Nokia 105 isn't for me I'm a teenager/ adult
    50% (2)20% (1)33% (3)Vote
  • Nokia 105 is good for an elderly
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Nokia 105 isn't a phone for me but good to have as a back up phone
    50% (2)40% (2)45% (4)Vote
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  • Is forbidden treasure a new porn app?

    • The game is on the phone yes

  • I still use a basic phone as my phone, only real reason people have smartphones is so they can always be online, it's stupid, in my opinion, because it's rude