Why do Americans think that yre the only ones with freedom?

Theyre always saying stuff like at least we have freedom but a lot of other countries have more freedom than them. They abolished slavery in 1865 and Canada abolished it in 1833. People use to go on long trips to Canada becuaseof the fear of being captured and enslaved. Harriet Tubman took people to Canada. And they have many prisoners. Did you know in some states if you have ever spent some time in jail you're a slave of state.

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  • Why do a lot of foreigners like to generalize about what Americans want/think/believe? I don't think that. So stop assuming that I do. It makes you (specifically) seem ignorant.

    • Would it make better if I said some?

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  • Its down to political reasons. Especially during cold war when that mentality is hyped up on American people as against Soviet Union where it was portrayed to be vastly the opposite of American ''Freedom''. I'm not saying all Americans ok? and I'm basing this from the internet and not on real life Americans cuz I've only met 3 or 4 Americans throughout my life.. I think there are actually Americans out there who thinks they're the only one who have freedom (basing this on political arguments you see on internet who loves to point that out).


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  • I've never thought that.


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  • We got freedom, we got soul, we got music, its rock-n-roll.