What are your thoughts about this heart emoticon? Do you like it <33 ?

This may sound odd or overly analytical, but I feel like which emoticons people use can give you a little insight about them. This emoticon makes me think of scene boys for some reason: :D And this one annoys me lol: :3 So just wondering, do you like this emoticon <33 ? Does it have a good place in your memory? I personally like using this emoticon with two 3's. I think it's cute. Cuter than the colored heart emojis. 💗 Or maybe I'm just fond of it because of its place in my memories. What do you think about it?

  • Yes, I love that emoticon! <33
    20% (2)33% (2)25% (4)Vote
  • It's alright I guess haha
    30% (3)17% (1)25% (4)Vote
  • No, for some reason it bothers me.
    10% (1)33% (2)19% (3)Vote
  • Emojis are better. 💗
    40% (4)17% (1)31% (5)Vote
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  • I rarely use them - I am mainly on phone and not sure how to do emoticons or emojis.


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What Guys Said 2

  • i use the ♠️

  • I use :) when I want to show smile/happiness when I actually don't laugh. It looks like forced smile. ☺️ is the emoticon I use when I actually smiled.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't mind it. I rarely if ever use emoticons though.