What do you think of global income inequality?

"Here are four ways frustration with perceived inequality leads to political behavior that has security consequences."

I think we need a stronger movement towards a central world goverment in order to tackle world problems like global warming, terrorism, slavery (human trafficking), and sectarian violence - all of this is the result of global income inequality.

That doesn't mean I'm going to give up my house and bank account to some starving children in Africa; I have my own problems to worry about, but I think policy makers and coporations should be more active and wise in their decisions. Oh and aliens are coming

What do you think of global income inequality?


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  • The biggest cause of income inequality is productivity inequality. To make people productive they need to be educated and have access to technology. Education is largely down to government but access to technology is far more efficiently realized by private capital. In order for private capital to accumulate you need income inequality.

    • Okay, if the physical sciences were to reach a height (and thus technology), would there truly be productivity equality at this stage of Earth's development?

    • There would still be quite a lot. Even in the simplest tasks people are more and less productive. If someone can sweep twice as much floor in the same time you can and do a better job why shouldn't they get twice as much?

      If someone can write computer code which saves a million people a dollar's worth of their time why shouldn't they get a proportion of that money? If someone sings a song everyone wants to hear why should they get the same as me, who sounds like a frog with laryngitis?


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  • Income inequality is a major problem that is the root of a host of other major problems

  • Inequality was always and it will always be. That's a law of these life :) Market and economic relations always define a position of a certain person or group of people in our world. Here is an interesting opinion about current economic crisis planetaryproject.com/global_problems/economic/ . The only thing which bothers me very much is the fact that even children are employed and paid almost nothing at poor countries, it is awful.