Are you allowed to use a fake name on your resume?

For example let's say my name is Wu Tang (just an example)
And then I tell them my name is Felix Tang

Or let's say name is Hoi Chong
And I say my name is Mariam Chong

Are you allowed to do this? If they question me about it - I will tell them that socially I prefer to go by an English name because I am worried about being made fun of.

Is this allowed?

the reason I want to lie is because I gave them a FAKE resume 6 months ago and the informatin I am providing now contradicts what I gave them 6 months ago.


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  • Yes, it is allowed and generally accepted in the US (though i'd recmommend staying away from saying you are afraid of being made fun of). As you likely know, Asian people that work with or for western companies often adopt western names or they westernize their own name. However, you will have to give them your real name on an application or something similar and you will need to point this out to your HR contact. If they run background or verification checks they will come up negative and you will not be hired because they cannot check your records. When you do give them your real name it is possible that they may find you in their system for tracking resumes and HR information from your previous submission. I say possible, but not likely at this point Giving fake resumes is never a good idea... ever.


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  • In Belgium that's not common practice, with the only exception that you can use the name of your husband. If you wound be Li Wang and your husband Wei Chong, you could introduce yourself as Li Chong.
    Maybe it would also be accepted if you're an artist and clearly mention that you're working under the name of "XXX".

  • dumb idea. they're not going to hire someone who's resume is that sketchy.

  • As an imployer, if someone gave me incorrect info on a resume. I would not consider them for a position. Here's the reasons I wouldn't.
    1 it shows that you are untrustworthy
    2 it makes background checks, Facebook checks etc. impossible. Looks like you are hiding something
    3 with one lie a thousand truths are now suspect. What else dod you lie about, education, work history etc. Too much effort to fact check everything, easier to just through the damned thing away.

  • Yeah, i wouldn't bank on using a fake name on a resume
    cause they hire you plus Social Security number, State Id etc

  • That's a stupid idea. Go by your birth name (as in what government documents say your name is ).

    I wouldn't hire someone who used a fake name.

  • NO never lie about something as basic as your name you could say you were thinking about changing to that name but didn't go ahead


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  • It would not be too wise, @523206720 for if you do hired, they will Need your ID and Social Security card in order to Pay you, and you will Get Fired before getting Hired.
    Tis better for all concerned to do the right thing before you apply for a job. This resume will follow you all over so don't shoot yourself in the foot before you have even gotten on your high horse.
    Good luck. xx

    • Listen to @Paris13, plus you are wasting the employers time and the other applicants time, especially if they hire you.

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    • It was a good opinion... I could not have said it any better! ;)

    • lol!! Thank you... I just want her to do her best for it is hard enough to even get a job today.:)) xxoo

  • No. Why would anyone want to hire a liar?