Let's be vain for a moment... What is your ideal partner?

What is your IDEAL partner? Height? Weight? Size? Shape? Eye color? Hair? What is it? Just an interesting question.
For me, my ideal guy would be over 6ft, slim but with some defined muscles, black messy hair, blue eyes, sharp facial features, and some stubble.


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  • Height: 4'10" to 5'5"
    Weight: 100 to 170 lbs
    Shape: Pear, Spoon, or Hourglass
    Eye Color: Green is my favorite, but I'm fine with any eye color
    Hair Color: Honey Blonde is my favorite, but I'm fine with any hair color
    Race/Ethnicity: I have a slight preference for mixed, Latina, and Middle Eastern women, but I'm fine with any race/ethnicity


Most Helpful Girl

  • -5'11 or taller
    -muscular build, proportionate body
    -eye color doesn't really matter, I'm fond of Hazel but it's a rare eye color to have.
    -Hair can be dark/black or brown. I'm partial to gingers to lol.
    -face contrasting sharp face, like a bit of a defined chin and piercing eyes. Long eye lashes I like to look at long eye lashes lol.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I can't even indulge in the "lets be vain for a moment" because vain and vanity are whats fucked up with society, sorry @asker hahaa 😂 i'll just put my default answer that isn't even true, taylor swift 😂😂😂

  • hey, I'm your ideal except my eyes are hazel...

    my ideal would be thin with a small round-ish butt. moderately sized boobs. flat belly, green eyes, smooth skin, loves anal, long hair - not sure about the color, as that changes with my mood.

  • I know it when I see her. No use to make up some fantasy girl in my mind. I don't have a specific preference for most of that anyway. I like fit women and I prefer dark black hair. Size is not important to me. I don't even know my girlfriend's height and weight though we've been together for more than two years already. I mean I can see it anyway, why would I need to know the exact numbers? I'm vain already for being on GAG and answering stupid questions anyway :D

  • Ok if this is relating to sim city then my ideal girl will be somewhat like this:
    1. Height doesn't matter
    2. Weight matters not someone fat
    3. eye colour hmmm hazel or blue eyes
    4. hair hmm dark hair colour black, brown or somewhat golden


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  • 6'3 215+ pounds, dark brown hair, dark green eyes, broad shoulders, with a bit of a belly and strong enough to carry me up a flight of stairs. I'm 118 pounds.

    Most importantly though kind, empathetic and smart.

  • Height - 5'7/8-6'2/3
    Weight - I don't know. Not fat, not skinny. Preferably fit.
    Size - I don't even know how guy sizes work lol.
    Eye color - doesn't matter. I like all. Shape matters more.
    Hair color - also doesn't matter. I generally am attracted to dark guys.

    I love stubble 😍