Do you find that you at your most attractive to the opposite sex when you are attached? if you agree, why do you think this is?


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  • I dont know what it is but when I had a girlfriend I had a lot of looks when me and her were seen together and many chicks were flirting with me on the side and one did it right in front of my girl and she was pissed


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  • Yes, I guess it's because maybe you're more happy. When I've been in relationships there were other girls crushing on me and flirting, but now that I'm single there's none, maybe like one or two every once in a while.
    It feels like when you're in a relationship they come to you, now that you're single you have to go to them.

  • I always found i was most attractive when I had just left a relationship and the word got out to my circle of friends and acquaintances. That's when it was really like chum in the water.

    Women tend to me more intrigued by men who are not very interested in them. I guess this sort of nonchalance sends a signal of 'I'm so desirable I don't have to do anything to get women'.