Aussie's AFL Premier 2015 ?

Even though I am a Freo fan, I think hawks will go 3 in a row

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  • Hawthorn
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  • hahaha... survey says it all... go the HAWKS!! gotta rub it in sorry Tim :))

    • You'll get done tomorrow night ;)

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    • Hey thanks Tim for the MHO!! 🌹❤️🌹😘
      Next year... I'm sure will be there year 👌🏽

    • What an anti- climax...
      I dont know which team I wanted to lose more :P...
      Hate them both...
      At least Freo will get Bennell and Mc Carthy in the off season.
      And lock it in, Jesse Hogan too once his contract is up at Melbourne in a year or two...

      But seriously congrats... 3 in a row, Amazing

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  • I am a NFL man here