What does/did depression feel like to you (or the way someone you know described it to you)?


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  • It feels like I'm constantly bored. I have no motivation or enthusiasm to find myself a purpose, so I'm just sat here bored all of the time. I'm aware that I'm wasting my life but I simply don't care. I don't have the will to live, and I don't have the will to do anything about. It's hard to see myself in a positive light, since I constantly remind myself what a terrible person I am. Everyone is getting fed up of me, and I know it. That fact gives me even less will to live. It's a constant and viscous cycle/downward spiral. Hope that gives you a rough idea.

    • This is how I feel, but I also have anxiety flare-ups that seem to contradict the depression, if that makes sense? It's like I know I don't feel like doing anything, but I get anxious that I don't because I know I need/have to. I have constant headaches from trying to make myself get up and enjoy things and get caught up on homework or something. But I never feel much better and have no idea how to help myself. I just know that I don't feel like helping myself. I'm sure it looks like laziness to everyone else.

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    • Thanks for mho. Good luck with recovery :)

    • Thank you :)

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  • The worst pain humanly possible to go through ever because you can never escape our head and your thoughts. Most won't understand depression without being depressed.

    • I keep trying to figure out if mine is depression or anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder (which is a form of anxiety) or if it's just a mix. Like you said, I feel like I can't escape my thoughts. I just want to sleep all the time. I don't enjoy anything anymore.

    • ya, its hard to know which one it is

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  • It feels like being in what seems like an endless abyss with no way of getting out. A complete feeling of hopelessness. A certainty that no dreams will ever be realized and therefor no motivation to even try to realize them. Nothing brings you joy and you almost forget how to laugh.

    A longing for change but no idea how and what to change because you don't find the problem to fix. Dying seems like a relief, not because you actually want to die but rather because you no longer have the energy to go on living the way you do.

    Sorrow becomes your friend and you actually miss it when it's gone because it's been with you for so long that happiness feels alien to you.

    Your world becomes very small and your life is like a bubble where everything becomes warped due to your negative and pessimistic view of yourself and the world. But you tell yourself that you are actually realistic in your thinking and the way you feel "proves" to you that the world is not a place for you.

    This is how I felt during the years of depression in my younger years.

    It took me years of working it all out. Some spiritual people call this "the dark night of the soul". It comes a time when you only have two choices - to die or change, because living is no longer bearable.

    The reason I chose change over death was because I didn't want to hurt the people around me. The change starts within. Letting go of beliefs about how I must be to be a valuable or "successful" human being. It's when we start to walk our own path that we can find our true happiness.

    It's also the realization that happiness is never further away than a thought even though it may feel like it's an eternity away. And that endless darkness quickly dissipates once you finally find that light switch you've been searching for for so long and stumbled along the way in darkness.

  • its like walking down a dark stormy road carrying huge stones on your back and every time something bad happens in your life you get another heavy stone till your on your hands and knees crawling and there is a light at the end of this road but it just seems to get further or stay the same distance away no matter how far you walk and sometimes you feel like just laying on the ground and giving up because the weight is just too much to bare this is how i imaged it in my head to help me keep going i knew i was stronger then that and no matter how much weight was on my back i would keep moving

  • Nothing... just total numbness!


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  • Normal people have highs and lows. If something good happens, your emotions run high and if something shitty happens your emotions sink. Depressed individuals don't experience this. For me, nothing matters anymore. Everything is "meh". For weeks on end I didn't even get out of the house except to buy groceries. Didn't meet anyone, often didn't even feel like answering messages from people I like. I got a decent friend mad at me for ignoring her messages couple of times. I didn't even clean the house, cook or do anything. I had no reason to live, or to do anything. All I spent my days with was watch series, from waking up until I fell asleep again. Everyday for weeks like that. My grades suffered, my friendships suffered, my body suffered.

    I guess " emptiness" is the only thing I felt.

  • It feels like you have a forest and in that forest you have a deep well. Then you got the monsters in the forest. Some are trying to lure you in the well, some are trying to push you in the well. The strength of the monsters depends on you. Once you fell in the well, it's hard to get out and once you've already fallen in there, it's easier to fall again since the monsters get stronger everytime you fall. If you get too deep in the well, you reach the water and you can drown and die. Depending how strong the monsters are.
    I made this up my own. I hope you can understand what the metaphores are for, if not, I'll explain.

  • Having depression is like having a little monster/creature that sits on your shoulder. It whispers things into your ear, bad things. It has a voice that's exactly like yours. It tells you that you're not wanted, or unloved, or unimportant. It will say whatever it needs to make you give up on yourself. It has a tight grip on your shoulder, so you can't just get rid of it. Unless you find a way to get it off your shoulder, it can drive people to do crazy things like self harm or attempt suicide. That's why depression was so hard for me to get through. You don't want to think those bad thoughts or feel so bad all the time, but you have no choice but to listen to that little voice in your head that keeps telling you that you aren't good enough. At least that's how it felt for me.