I need motivation to exercise and lose weight?

I used to be sportive and whenever I said that I wanna stop eating sweets to lose weight, i'd do it. The problem is, i'm getting super lazy and fat and I can't stop eating chocolate and cookies n stuff. Okay, i'm not fat fat. I'm becoming a bit overweight. I keep saying that I'm gonna start jogging the following day but I keep postponing it...
Can you guys motivate me to start doing sth about my weight? I'd reeeallyy appreciate it!


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  • Most people are overly forgiving in the present, make big plans for the future, and ruminate on the past.

    Try to be forgiving about the past, implement plans now, and the future will take care of itself.

    I don't care what you're going to do tomorrow. Worry about lunch. Then dinner. Then get a jog in tonight.


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  • Your body loves you, it keeps you alive all the time, give it some support girl. Health is important. :)


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  • Hire an angry Frenchman to yell at you and call you a "McDonald customer". Worked for me.


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  • The way I motivated myself to lose weight/get fit was actually out of spite. My cousin, whom I don't particularly like, got married last month and I wanted to be the hot one at the wedding. @bertmacklinfbi knows all about my revenge plot.