Why does there always seem to be such a war between genders, on Valentine's Day?

Every year when V-day comes up, there are two sets of people: those who love the day, and celebrate it without complaint, whatever that may entail for them, and the other set (usually men) who blast this holiday as being a made up, over commercialized, and a pratical assault on men. Usually group two says why do I need a day to celebrate love/our love when I love you 365 days a year. Isn't Valentine's day one of those days too? You also rarely if ever hear these same guys complain on Father's Day/Mother's Day telling their parents, well I love you 365 days a year therefore I'm not going to do anything or celebrate this overcommercialized holiday. No one complains as hard about the dozens of birthdays they have to attend which follow the same principal. For me, there are so many awful things going on in the world and the fact that there is a day to celebrate love, seems like something people would want to celebrate and take stock of. Count yourself lucky if you have friends, family, married, bf/gf, what have you. I like going all out for my boyfriend and making him feel special and appreciated for how he treats, cares, and loves me, the same as on his birthday, Christmas, and all those other in between days of the year. So why is Valentine's Day so hated when ironically it's a day about love. Aren't there worse things in life then conciously celebrating and recognizing love for one day a year?


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  • I am one of the people you are talking about - I believe Valentines day was commericalised to fill gap between the Christmas and Easter outlays.

    • For those like yourself that believe this way, do you also complain just as hard about mothers/father's day or birthdays, neither of which have any sort of basis in religion (if you believe in the religion and true meanings of Holidays), telling those people that all of this is made up and about money and that you don't/won't participate? I find it hypocritical with the people that I know to lambaste one day, but then freely celebrate all the other similar days without complaint.

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    • Thats cool that you like and celebrate the day but it is like religion for me - I am atheist and don't mind people of faith - When you are in a relationship you have the whole year to celebrate your love as equals - You owe your parents because you were taking all the time and they were willing to give - We will just have to agree to disagree - Anyone in a relationship with me knew that I did not recognise Valentine's day it was just the 14th of feb same as day before the 13th and the same as the next day the 15th - They would have known a long time beforehand what I was like.

    • That's why really, there is no point in people who try and force others to get into or out of celebrating it. You just do, or you don't, and like you said, those in a relationship with me know I participate would want them to, too because they want to, not because someone is forcing them too.


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  • Fore one, Valentines is commercialized. For two, men complain about it because the vast majority of financial spending on Valentine's come from men - they don't want to waste that money on useless shit like chocolate but they have to because they are socially expected to do so. And if they don't they will be shamed.

  • Its like that every day lol

  • There is the third party aswell.. the one which doesn't give a single shit about valentines day ^^


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