Is going to a community college for your undergraduate really that bad?

I feel like it's perfect normal and just as good as lets say going to a private university off of your parents money. If you end up getting the degree, great it's perfectly fine to go to community college for a portion of the cost plus it's just for the degree.


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  • Psh, my parents are making me pay the 36k I'll owe after university.

    a 2 year degree is worthless. So if you go to community college, then transfer to a real university, you'll be good.


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  • I think its fine.. plus you can transfer to uni after two years so it doesn't make that much of a difference..


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  • No its not bad, but once you get to a uni, forget about your CC. On your resume and interviews only indicate you went to your uni, people do discriminate.

    • I was only going to because university looks much better on a resume... and also because my community college has a direct transfer agreement to finish your graduate degree at state university. I feel like some people need to get off their high horse and swallow their pride. It doesn't matter if you go to a 4 year university and you 1.) major in the stupidest shit 2.) you don't even finish your degree or you get a job in something else. Ultimately it's what you do with your degree right? eh thank you.

    • Just get a great degree with a great GPA from a great university. Bury the fact that you went to a CC because some do discriminate which is fucked up but it is what it is.

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