What is the consequence for society with mens resentment towards the movement called feminism?

Men are 50% of the population and many of them are resentful against feminism. what consequences, changes will happen to society, culture in America in the near future. what kind of relations will come to be called gender relations. THAT IS WHAT I WISH TO KNOW FROM YOU WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS ABOUT THE DIRECTION OF OUR FUTURE. I WOULD LIKE HEAR YOUR OPINIONS ON THE FUTURE OF OURWORLD. WHAT IS YOUR VERSION OF FUTURE IS WHAT I WOULD WANT YOU TELL ME IN YOUR OPINION.


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  • The issue is how will society develop now that many equalities have been gained. What these people don't like is that the world is changing. Women have only really in the last couple of hundred years started to get on a level playing field with regards to work and social standing and rights, we have centuries and centuries of social development to catch up on and these people, the majority of them, just don't know how they will fit in with their archaic mindset. Traditionalists who hark back to anera of housewives and a single salary family, but actually have zero idea about how that actually worked under the meat of it all.

    There are of course the dick head feminists, the ones who to my mind have a real problem with their sexuality. Who shame men and women for enjoying gender roles, who try and de-sexualise women and demonise men. They don't realise it but they do more harm than good.

    So, to answer the question: who knows! We live in a time of great change, the world has not ever developed this quickly and so it is difficult to predict any clear path.


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  • 1. More men are not opting to be worker bees and break their backs for society only to be shunned and told that they are "misogynistic pigs" by feminist because hey were born with penis, and disagree with them on issues, OR have to continue to hear that they are incline to being rapist because they were born a mail. Many men are just opting out, and not going to make the extra effort for society.

    2. Many men are also become increasing frustrated with women entitlement, rudeness, and arrogant attitude. Factor in how more than 60% of marriages end in divorce and 75% are initated by women and a lot of men will not even bother going ou of their way to court/interact women/marry them.

    3. Many men will opt to using escorts/hookers/porn to get off and be content with that.

    4. Destruction of the family system has already happen due to feminism.

    5. More laws increasing swayed in benefit to women with feminist propaganda and lies. E. g. women getting paid less than men.

    These are just some of the few things.


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  • 1. Boys and men who display their perfectly natural human emotions will no longer be mocked and derisively called girls/bitches/pussies,

    2. Stay at home fathers will no longer be mocked and not be told that they're not real men for letting their female partner take financial care of their family. Also an increase of stay at home fathers.

    3. Male victims of female domestic abuse and rape are will be taken seriously and supported due to people no longer thinking how could a man possibly let a woman, his inherent inferior, do such things to him.

    4."you ____ like a girl" is will no longer be an insult, and there will be less insults towards men which target their masculinity or accuse them of femininity.

    5. Women will no longer have an advantage in custody battles because because society will no longer see us as being inherently maternal and made for nothing more than child rearing.


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  • I have given a lot of thought to this one. I think most people here know that I am anti-feminist. And I am one of the "bitter men" you refer to.

    I think most people know that the feminist movement is fracturing that their are different factions within the movement. And I think that the future depends entirely on which faction takes the political rains. If it continues to be the old school radical arm, then their is bound to be a backlash. You can only push so hard before someone pushes back.

    Now I honestly think that most people agree in equality. That their is no. issue with the basic premise of feminism. It's the application and propaganda that has created the bitterness.

  • The Acockalypse is coming.

    In the coming years there's gonna be a lot of angry bitchy old maid's out there who are going to die childless because they were too busy riding the cock carousel instead of trying to find a good man to settle down with.

    The age gap between married couples will get bigger. The red pill is going to become more and more mainstream. Younger guys are going to have more competition from older guys who couldn't find a decent woman. There's gonna be more guys marrying immigrants.

    There's going to be a huge backlash against feminism. Economic restructuring. It's gonna be pretty bad.

    • Then these women who become "old maids" what will happen to them?

  • I think Its complete BS that everyone is turning into whiny twats about everything and no one can say a thing about anything as a joke

  • Just because people resent feminism, doesn't mean gender equality isn't possible. People can still want equality of the sexes without associating themselves with feminism. I'd say feminism puts a strain on "gender relations", if anything. What will happen? I don't know.

  • Considering people made a fuss about Target removing gender coding from their products, I would assume nothing will really happen beyond they having to sit down and accept that the world is advancing onwards towards social equality without them.

  • Well, feminism is a joke. It will be laughed away. And it's about time, cause it's doing absolutely nothing good and only causing harm.

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