Hey! I always feel like everyone's staring at me and talking about me while i'm walking on the street?

I think it's sign of social anxiety isn't it? What should i do? I mean should i take antidepressants? I can't even make eye contacts with my close friends!

Ps: I'm still trying to learn English :)


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  • It's okay i was like that last year. School started this year and i just realized, who cares? Time goes by fast anyways, just a day ago school started, but its been a month and a half already. Who cares what people think just do you and take risks


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  • I think you're being a bit paranoid. You're not the center of the world. You should not take antidepressants, you should keep reminding to yourself that other people are occupied with other things and other people and it's not normal of them to be focusing on you while they have their own issues to sort out.