Redhead , brunette or blonde or other?

What's your favourite blonde brunette or redhead

and girls what do you love the most about your hair Color

Add other Color to that aswell I forgot to add it


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  • I love being a brunette because I feel more grown up and sophisticated with the hair colour. When I dress up and my hair's done nice, thick and curly, I feel so womanly. :)

    • 😊 just like my own girl she feels the same when she's all dressed up she thinks her red hair makes a vibrant person , unfortunately my girls trying to curl her hair but she's not having much luck but I think she will get it eventually

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    • sorry for the slow Response H been in tons of pain the last day or so due to my health and being turned down for Personal independence by the DWP yesterday *letter got delivered next door by accident* but my neighbor sent it back to me when she saw me made my already bad mood even worse.

      Her Hair is really straight and thick with a little bang that covers her left eye which drives her mad at times when she attempts to curl it won't keep its shape just going straight again

    • Hmm, she'll need to use a lot of hairspray but I think there are oils/hair treatments to make your hair curlier and/or retain the hairstyle. She should look into that.


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  • So dark brown that it looks black is my favorite on guys 😉 it seems mysterious to me, not sure why!
    I like that my hair color looks very earthy and natural, it makes it easy to wear most any colored clothes that I choose!

  • i love my strawberry blonde hair, especially if the sun is shining :)

    i like that its different than the brunette, cause almost everyone has brown hair :/

    i love that i feel sexy when my hair is done and that i always get compliments on it


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  • I definitely like brunettes

  • red heads are my favorite

    • Everybody seems to like redheads me included but then my own girl is a natural freckly redhead

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    • Sorry that should have read they are not true redheads but artificially colored

    • I know what you meant. I am a little jealous of both you and my brother you both have natural red heads for girlfriend