Canada, who would you vote for?

Canada, who would you vote for?

stephen harper

Tom Mulcair

Elizabeth May

Justin Trudeau

  • NDP (Tom Mulcair)
    0% (0)20% (1)11% (1)Vote
  • Green (Elizabeth May)
    0% (0)20% (1)11% (1)Vote
  • Liberals (Justin Trudeau)
    25% (1)20% (1)22% (2)Vote
  • Conservatives (Stephen Harper)
    0% (0)40% (2)22% (2)Vote
  • Other
    25% (1)0% (0)11% (1)Vote
  • Not voiting
    50% (2)0% (0)23% (2)Vote
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  • Stephen Harper is a terrible Prime Minister, I will be satisfied to see anyone else elected. A vote for the Green Party is a vote wasted. They aren't getting elected, that's just how it is. Trudeau is overly reliant on his semi-celebrity status, and presents as somewhat scripted in most of his appearances. His support of Bill C-51 and declared admiration for the style of governing of the Chinese regime are difficult to overlook. I appreciate his candour in calling Harper out on his frequent lying. Tom Mulcair presents as honest, open, experienced, and eager to get things done. He is frequently in agreement with the Liberal and Green parties and knows the importance of cooperation. I admire his strong drive to get Harper out of office even if he is not elected Prime Minister, though question the wisdom of deciding not to participate in debates and discussions in which Harper has refused participation. I'm voting NDP.


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