Girlfriends Iphone hacked? Or worse? Please help?

This is a very serious incident that had just recently occurred and I hope someone will be able to assist me with what had happened as soon as possible. I received messages from my girlfriend asking me to call her with WeChat a chatting app, and I did so and after doing so the call was answered but the camera was covered so I could not see anything only hear. What I heard was not my girlfriend but some guy that I have no idea who it was. What I heard the guy saying and doing... It is in everyones best interest not to know. Anyways unsure of what was going on I ended up calling her cell phone. Again there was an answer but it was that same guy as before and making the same noises and etc as he had before on Wechat. After this I had thought the worst possible and then I tried very hard to find out if she was ok. Even if I were to talk the guy on the other end would not respond and would just continue what he was doing which I will not mention. Eventually I ended up hanging up again and then tried calling her back a few minutes later. However now the person no longer answered the call and I continued trying for hours. Finally there was an answer after a few hours and this time it was my girlfriend. I sent her a lot of messages during this time and was in a panic so she asked me what was wrong. I explained to her the situation and she said she never answered the phone nor did she accept a video call. During this time she was sleeping, however she sent me a few pictures indicating that both the video call and phone call was shown on her phone as well. The only thing that was not were the messages saying to call her in the first place. Is it even possible for someone to hack someones phone and do this? Or is my girlfriend lying? I am really freaking out now and I am not sure if her phone had been hacked or someone broke into her house while she was sleep or that she is lying. Any response would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Take the phone to the Apple Store

  • Get a new phone and number


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