What are the best activities to keep myself busy and more creative?

Ok, so this question ties into my other question about keeping busy http://www.girlsaskguys.com/other/q1698545-what-can-i-do-to-keep-myself-busy-out-of-the-house now instead of finding things around the area to do, like physical activities (such as sports) can anyone think out anything that I can do thats creative. Like a project or something of that nature. Im sorry if this question is a bit confusing but I guess what Im trying to ask in this particular question is what kind of project or maybe even a skill I can learn that would be usful to learn such as sewing or crochet kinda thing? I am seriously so desperate right now because I graduated High school with out a plan for my future, and it really sucks :(


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  • I know what my cousin use to do, go to these Dollar stores and she buy things than sell things on her Ebay to earn some money ( Lamps, Figurines , etc )

    • I bought and sold for awhile, but them ended up spending more than what I made... thinking about making stuff by hand and selling it, but I may or may not run into the same problem...

    • Yes true , just never know

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  • Cross stitching is an easy task to learn and it's fun. Fairly cheap hobby. And cross stitched patterns and designs make great gifts for weddings and house warming and baby showers.


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  • -practice code
    -drawing new products
    -making food
    -enjoying meditation

  • Maybe carpentry or electrician or plumber


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